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市 Spencer's Changelog for 2022

It has been a while since my last update. And to be fair, 2022 was a very boring and event-less year for me. Strict lockdowns and quarantines in mainland China made it impossible to do anything and be anywhere. I spent maybe 6 to 8 month of the 12 months in 2022 basically stuck at home. So, yeah, what a f*cked up year.

What's Changed

  • feat(湮更k堯湮): I have officially graduated from my MSc at UofG with distinction in April.
  • feat(劾): I applied for a PhD program back in BIT and was accepted. So, I officially started as a PhD student in BIT in September this year. My field of research stays the same (AI security).
  • fix: I spent only the whole of March, part of April, and the whole of November in Beijing. I hope 2023 won't be f*cked up like this and I can actually be on campus in-person.


  • deprecated: Maintaining this blog with Notion as CMS has been quite a hassle. I ran into Vercel usage issues and rate limits throughout last year. In the end, I removed the Notion integration completely and migrated the portfolio site altogether.
  • fix(): The articles I published previously was for-a-while down, as I had initially planned to ditch writing blogs altogether. I left a Notion public site link on the new portfolio-only site that linked back to the database I used for creating my articles (deprecated now).

What's New

  • feat(): Well, blogs are back. I finally settled on this Next.js and Tailwind CSS template. I exported part of the articles from the old Notion database and migrated it to this new site, which is what you are reading now.
  • feat(兩): A few new open-source projects that I created this year:
    • PaimonMenuBar - Track real-time Genshin Impact stats in your macOS menubar (written in Swift UI).
    • clashrup - Simple CLI to manage your systemd clash.service and config subscriptions on Linux (written in Rust).

Additionally, there are a few projects that I have been working on for my research which I cannot disclose or open-source.


  • Unless Contentlayer starts supporting Notion as a CMS, I will not be considering using Notion as a CMS for my blog anymore. I will be sticking to Markdown and Git.
  • Maintaining open-source projects is tiresome. As for previous projects including onedrive-vercel-index and substats, I have decided to provide their code as-is for now, and will not be actively answering issues or providing support for them.

That's all for this year. Thanks for reading.